Pricing and Options

Platform Pricing Options

Pricing is done on a simple tiered approach for each claim completed and is billed out monthly with an itemized list of all claims completed:
  • 0-999 claims/month: $8.00/claim
  • 1000-1999 claims/month: $7.00/claim
  • 2000+ claims/month: $6.00/claim
The more volume you do, the bigger the savings, each tier saves you up to $2000/month! In addition, you have full access to your claims, billing, account information and more with your MY ACCOUNT/Administrator section:
  • Utilize our invoicing system, if applicable, i.e. you are a claims management company or appraiser, to invoice your client/carrier and manage your appraisal team.
  • Modify what each appraiser charges you and what you charge each client.

We offer a FREE 30 day trial for all new clients. Basically, we’ll load everything for you so you can try out the system and see how well it can streamline your process! If you’re satisfied after the 30 days, we just start a new billing cycle and you are ready to go.