Overview: Claims Management Software Solution

Platform Summary and Features


Our Claims Management Software Solution was built with one goal: claims managment. Simply put, our system provides you with the ability to become your own Claims Management Team. Whether you are an Insurance Carrier, Independent Appraiser or Claims Manager we put you in the driver's spot. Our platform gives you the ability to be your own Claims Management Team.

What our platform is NOT is an estimating software. We went down this road and realized everyone likes to use their own estimating software so we took a step back and allowed customers the flexibility to create their own estimates. As long as they can be uploaded as PDF’s, the system takes them and any other required docs, photos, etc. and merges them all into one file that then gets emailed to the claims adjuster or dispatcher upon completion of a claim.

The system also gives you all the reporting features you will need to get started, including Appraiser cycle time, claim turn-around, DOI compliance reports (for CA), and more. We can then also make any customized reports you need based on any data we have available at no extra charge.

Using the MY ACCOUNT or Administrator section, we help you set up whomever you would like, i.e. adjusters, managers, directors on the system so that the managers and directors can view all claims with ease and can actually add/edit and manage the adjusters or any staff members under them online.

We offer a FREE 30 day trial for all new clients. Basically, we’ll load everything for you so you can try out the system and see how well it can streamline your process! If you’re satisfied after the 30 days, we just start a new billing cycle and you are ready to go.